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Maryland Health Connection: The Numbers (as of 1/18/2014)

  • 869,690 unique visitors to the Maryland Health Connection website
  • 139,420 identity-verified accounts created
  • 25,177 Marylanders enrolled in a private health plan
  • 93,514 PAC members rolled into Medicaid
  • 29,517 newly enrolled Medicaid members

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Male Hygiene 101: Volume 1

  • Don’t just wash your hands after pee; wash BEFORE you pee as well. Washing before you pee can prevent any germs and bacteria from entering your body through any cuts or scrapes in your penis
  • Check weekly (or daily) for any cuts, scrapes, warts, moles, or abnormalities on your penis. Cuts and scrapes can increase your chance of infection. Moles, warts, etc. could be signs of illness or STIs. Write down any abnormalities you may see and talk with your doctor about it. Keep track of whether you’ve noticed a change in size, color, or temperature.
  • Pull back all skin when cleaning around your penis. Skin folds are perfect places for bacteria to harbor.
  • Wear loose breathable (preferably cotton) underwear. Underwear that is too small/tight can increase body heat in the genitals and prolonged use can decrease sperm production. 
  • Use a water soluble lubricant when masturbating in order to decrease cuts and scrapes as well as burns caused by friction. Also, try to use a satin or smooth non-cotton item (no socks fellas) as they are less likely to cause damage to the sensitive penile skin.

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Hospital rebrands chemotherapy as DC-themed “superformula” for kids

Chemotherapy is never fun, but A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo is trying to make it easier for children to accept the treatment. They’re rebranding the treatment as “superformula” and using comics to help kids understand chemo.

Buzzfeed’s Copyranter blog explains that the cancer center is working with ad agency JWT, which also works with Warner Bros. The idea was to help children believe in the power of chemotherapy to make them ultimately better. They’re not just covering the chemo cases with superhero logos; they’re also giving pediatric cancer patients comic books in which the heroes experience something similar to cancer and must receive a similar treatment formulated by doctors. And in the comics, the cases for the treatment bags look just like the cases the kids get over their own chemo bags.


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Key Findings in the Literature

  • 1 in 4 recent combat veterans treated at VHA from 2004-2009 had a diagnosis of PTSD; 7% had a diagnosis of TBI
  • VHA spent about $2 Billion in fiscal year 2010 to provide medical care to all recent combat veterans
  • Recent study cites economic cost of PTSD, including medical care, reduced productivity, and lives lost through suicide and homicide is estimated between $4 and $6 billion over the last two years (Tyson, 2008)

Source: Steptoe Group LLC’s Warrior- Centric Healthcare Training 4 hour workshop

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Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Military Statistics

  • Military warriors at greatest risk for PTSD and major depression are enlisted personnel, Hispanics, females, older persons, and those who had been injured or exposed to more extensive combat trauma (Rand Report, April 17, 2008)
  • Overall, women are twice as likely to develop PTSD in their lifetime as compared to men (10% vs 4$) (Vogt, 2009)
  • VA found PTSD among the top three diagnostic categories for female veterans seeking treatment within the VA system (VSSC, Womens Veteran Health Workload Report, Oct. 2008)
  • PTSD, depression, and TBI are not treated consistently within the DoD, VA, and civilian healthcare systems
  • According to the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study in 1990, the rates of PTSD were: 28% among Hispanics, 21% among African Americans, and 14% among Whites
  • Between 45% and 57% of the American Indian Vietnam veterans had PTSD for lifetime events.
  • Those diagnosed with PTSD at a 2-fold-higher risk of developing dementia
  • 19% of those returning from Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom have TBI (Rand)

Source: Steptoe Group LLC’s Warrior Centric Healthcare Training 4 hour workshop

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worst cereal.
makes sense.


worst cereal.

makes sense.

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Out of Control

I was just thinking about why I started this blog and how I have completely underutilized it. I knew I would though if you read one of my older posts. I HAD plans, which never fully went through. But I digress!

I have gotten out of control. As a health major and eventual health educator, I am a horrible example of what healthy is. I have lost touch with just how much weight I have put on and just how much of an impact its had on my life.

Clothes don’t fit the same. My sleeping is off. I get tired easier. I have more heart palpitations (due to exercise & anxiety). I sweat…A LOT. My knees are ANGRY. I don’t feel sexy.

This is the largest I’ve ever been. I’ve past the 200lb mark and now wear a size 18 pant. I was not built to be this size. With my knee problems (since birth) and flat feet, there is too much wear and tear.

I saw a nutritionist to help. I was making progress and seeing SLIGHT changes. I had more energy. I was in a better mood. But I’ve fallen off the ship and fallen back into my old rhthym. I’m back to the fast food, sweets, and most of all BREAD. I write down my food intact (mostly just WHAT I eat, not necessarily how much I eat) and I can see the decrease in nutrition.

I need to be more accountable for myself and my health. I refuse to continue to be this size. Its not because fat isn’t sexy. Having curves is fine. But I am UNHEALTHY. I have too many medical problems in my family to continue this way. I refuse to end up on high blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. I REFUSE. So I’m making the changes….AGAIN.

I may have fallen off the horse this time, but I will get my fat ass right back up on it.

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Descriptive Study of Educated African American Women Successful at Weight-Loss Maintenance Through Lifestyle Changes.



Interventions to address obesity and weight loss maintenance among African Americans have yielded modest results. There is limited data on African Americans who have achieved successful long-term weight loss maintenance.


To identify a large sample of African American adults who intentionally achieved clinically significant weight loss of 10 %; to describe weight-loss and maintenance efforts of African Americans through a cross-sectional survey; to determine the feasibility of establishing a registry of African American adults who have successfully lost weight.

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“Almost 54% of US children ages 3-10 are exposed to second hand smoke”

CDC (Center for Disease Control)

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